Lakeside Engagement | Cypress Hills, Alberta

December 17, 2018

I love spending my summers out in nature, whether it’s hiking around and exploring or relaxing by the lake trying not to be the palest person on the planet (which is futile because tanning naturally just doesn’t seem to work for me). So when I discovered that the stunningly beautiful Reesor Lake not only existed, but was just a short drive past Elkwater and I had somehow never been there, I knew that I needed to go and take some pretty pictures!

Luckily I had this amazing couple who had just booked their wedding for next year and we still needed to choose a location for their engagement photos, so I sent them a few pictures and they agreed that this would be the perfect spot. These two will actually be married in Elkwater (yay!!) so staying within Cypress Hills for their engagement photos was a nice preview to the wedding day itself, and of course looked amazing on their invitations. There’s something about the light by the lake at sunset that is just magical, and the love between these two made it even more so! Alanna and Brad are such fun-loving happy people, and we had such a great time together that I swear my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much! We started our session with a bit of an adventure through the trees, and then I had them practice their first dance down by the lake. At the end we had a bit of a climb to overlook the stunning view that is Reesor Lake itself, and these two stole the show with the way they looked at each other. All I have left to say is I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding day! Take a look at their session for yourself and leave a comment below telling me what is your favourite location in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park!