Stunning Summer Wedding | Elkwater Lake, Alberta

As you may know I head out to Elkwater for sessions quite often. What you may not know is that each year about half of the weddings that I have take place out there as well, and I love it! It is most definitely one of my favourite wedding locations near Medicine Hat and has a ton of options for locations, not just for taking photos, but also for your ceremony. There is the amphitheatre, Head of the Mountain, Nichol springs, by the lake and probably more!

Chelsey and Jordan chose the classic amphitheatre for their ceremony, and since I shoot there quite regularly I always try to get a unique photo to spice it up a bit. This time around I was able to make a little rainbow magic happen and I am so happy with how that turned out! You’ll see what I mean when you get to the ceremony images! You’ll also see the adorable ring bearer grabbing some flowers from the flower girl so that he could spread some petals too – it was so sweet!

This happy couple was one that found me from Saskatchewan, and since they had already had an engagement session we first met face to face on their wedding day. Of course my first thought was “How stunning is she?!” They turned out to be such a sweet couple, and as you can tell by the sheer amount of photos just in this post alone (trust me this isn’t even close to all of them) my camera loved them!

At one point I had asked them for their engagement story as I normally do, and they told me they had actually met on the dating app Tinder. Who would’ve thought?! It does happen people, there’s hope yet! Their hashtag #sogladweswipedright was a fun little hint to that part of their story, and I’m glad they swiped right too!

Check out the photos below and let me know what your favourite Elkwater location is!